Get rid of your addictions
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Overcoming addiction is extremely hard.
With Quitzilla you can follow all of your bad habits or addictions to analyze them and beat them.

App Support:

Easy to Use

That app is intuitive and easy to use to make your journey easier.

Clear Design

Great set of useful features and just an amazingly clean design.


Dark theme ready with the ability to change the colors of habits.

Quitzilla Features

An amazing set of tools to help you get rid of your bad habits faster.

  • Rewards

    Reward and invest in yourself.

  • Diary

    Keep a diary and visualize your progress.

  • Goals

    Set your own milestones.

  • Reasons

    Remember your "Why?".

  • Motivation

    Learn about your potential savings.

  • Statistics

    Track and analyze your progress.


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Don’t ask how to break a bad habit just download Quitzilla
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